Five reasons why Engineering Diploma Programs after Class 10 have become popular

Ask any parent in India what they would like their child to study after school and their answer will most likely be Engineering. When asked for reasons, parents unanimously agree that their ward would have better job opportunities and a successful career. In fact, even when faced with challenges such as high fee structures, distance from residence, unavailability of courses, etc. parents still prefer to enroll their wards in engineering education.  Along with the rise in popularity of B.E, the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, there are a significant number of students enrolled in Engineering Diploma Programs.

The popularity of the Engineering Diploma Programs after Class 10 can be attributed to the following 5 reasons.

  • Professional Course – Job ready

The engineering Diploma program is a professional degree and on completion, a student is eligible for a job in the industry without any need for further studies. This is the primary reason why it is in high demand amongst both students and parents. Both the Industry and Training Institutions have been working together to create a curriculum that is industry relevant and skill and application oriented and up to date with technology changes. These courses are open to students who have passed Class 10 as well as Class 12 and ITI.

  • Shorter duration - Job ready faster

A typical Engineering Diploma Program is a 3-year course while some programs have integrated concurrent B.Voc degree programs in association with some of the reputed Universities. While Engineering courses are of a total of six years including two years in Class 11 and 12 and then four years in the course, Engineering Diploma courses involve only three years of study after Class 10. An Engineering Diploma holder is therefore able to start earning by the age of 18.

  • Importance of Employable Skills Training

Engineering Diploma Programs are available at a large number of training institutions in cities as well as in mid-level towns that may be Government Polytechnic colleges, partially aided colleges or private institutions, but very few of the institutions emphasise practical training. Today, it is possible to do many of these courses even through the online mode, though true skill comes only from hands-on training.  Even the NEP2020 guidelines emphasises the need for vocational subjects from the high school level. Among the few, NTTF offers highly practical and skill-oriented training through its Engineering Diploma programs pan India.


  • Less expensive, Easier admission

Engineering Diploma Programs charge far lesser fees than the B.E or B.Tech programs. Even though private institutions charge more than the Government or aided colleges, the fees are only a fraction of what graduate courses charge.  Admission criteria are also less stringent for Diploma Programs. In general, the eligibility criteria are that the candidate must have passed 10th with main subjects as Mathematics and Science from a recognized board. Some institutes have an additional condition that the candidate must have acquired an aggregate of 35% in 10th  exams, and also hold an entrance examination.


  • Diverse Opportunities

On completion of the Engineering diploma, a student has diverse opportunities available. Institutions hold elaborate placement programs and most of the students procure a job during the last semester of their course. Most Engineering Diploma holders are also eligible for a lateral entry into the second year of the B.E or B.Tech programs.  An Engineering Diploma holder can also become an entrepreneur and run his own business.

Some institutions may even go the extra mile and allow students to Learn and Earn. This flexible option of attending theory classes and converting their training into a job in a company gives students an opportunity to obtain extensive industry exposure.

The Engineering Diploma courses at NTTF are focused more on application-based learning, helping the candidates to be technically sound with a thorough understanding of key concepts and acquiring skills. NTTF hosts campus selections for reputed companies for recruitment. NTTF students are well placed in India and abroad with attractive salaries. Feel free to connect with us at 1800 103 6883 or email us at and we can help you take an informed decision about your next step after Class 10 or 12 or ITI. You can find more information about admissions and courses at NTTF on our website NTTF creates Skilled Champions for the Industry!


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