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Final Year Student's Project: 2019

Project: IOT Based Smart Farmhouse

Node MCU based farmhouse which has an automated irrigation system that can be controlled using mobile.



Project: The Gesture Controlled Robot

PIC-based Gesture controlled a robot which can be controlled using Hand Gesture.


Project: Automated Double Hackshaw Machine

 IOT controlled Double Hackshaw machine which can Hackshaw in two directions at a time.


Project: Waste Paper Recycling Machine

 An advanced system which takes waste paper, puff it, grind it and with conveyer and heating mechanism, roll out a recycled paper.


Project: Coin Based Water Dispenser System

 PIC-based water dispenser system which accepts Rs 2 coin to dispense 200 ml of water.


Project: Automated Spray Painting Machine.

PIC-based spray painting machine for automatically painting a car.



Project: IOT Based Fruit Juicer Machine.

Node MCU Based Juicer machine using proximity sensor, allows fruits as an input, processes it and brings out Juice as its output.

Project: Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Node MCU based Fire extinguisher machine which senses the flame and extinguishes it with pneumatic pressure.

Project: IoT Based Spy Car

IoT based car used for the spy uses a night vision camera and results in the video on a mobile screen.

Project: Seed Packaging Machine Using IoT

IoT based seed packaging machine used to pack seed with the help of pneumatic pressure.


Project: Automated Vegetable Slice Frying Machine

 Advanced Controller PIC-based automated system used for automatically slicing and frying machine.

 Project: Automatic Garbage Monitoring System Using IoT

A combination of Node MCU and PIC controller brings us a smart dustbin that automatically closes the garbage machine when it is full. It also sends a notification to mobile when the garbage turns full.

 Project: Automatic Water Recycling Car Wash System Based On PLC

PLC based car washing system which recycles the used water after washing.

Project: IoT Based Stealth Droid

IOT Stealth Droid based using Node MCU used to extinguish the fire at critical places where human interference is not possible.


Project: Smart Parking System

PIC controller based system let us know any vacant slot in the parking lot and will automatically park the car.

Project: PLC Based Milk Shake Machine

PLC based milkshake vending machine which automatically makes milkshake when demanded by machine.


Project: Voice Controlled Pick and Place Robot

 A Bluetooth based voice controlled ROBOT used for PICK and Place of any Items.

 Project: IoT Based Health Monitoring System

In this project, we have designed the IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring System and Arduino Uno. This IoT device could read pulse rate and measure temperature. It continuously monitors the pulse rate and temperature and updates them to a 16x2 LCD display.


Project: IoT Based Spy Robot

"According to this project camera is mainly required in areas such as border areas, public places, offices, and industries. It is mainly used for monitoring activities. The act of camera can be performed both indoor as well as in outdoor areas by humans or with the help of embedded systems such as robots and other automation devices. A robot is nothing but an automatic electronic machine that is capable of performing programmed activities thus replacing human work, providing highly accurate results and easily overcoming the limitations of human beings.

Project: Electric Cycle

This project replaces motorcycles with e-bikes. Which uses electric power and motor to turn the wheels.



Project: Automatic Vehicle Accident Detection Using GSM

GSM Module used for sending a notification along with the location whenever our vehicle meets with an accident.



Project: Colour Sensing System In Textile Industry

The purpose of this model is to design and implement a system that automatically separates products based on their color.


Project: IoT Based Digital Notice Display Board

In this project, the admin can control the notice board through the internet. So information can be sent anywhere in the world and can be displayed within seconds. Information may be in the form of text, image, video, pdf, etc. Pc or smartphone is used for sending information.

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