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Final Year Student's Project: 2019
Project: Automated ATM Centre

This project includes many features. This atm center was controlled by a mobile phone using wi-fi. The esp8266 with 1mb of built-in flash, allowing for a single-chip device capable of connecting wi-fi.  It is controlled by esp32 (Arduino).in this IR sensor will detect the level of currency and transfer the signal to Arduino board, from Arduino a signal will be sent to the bank through IoT. The output of the vibration sensor signal will go to the Arduino board and the message will be sent to the police station through IoT. The output devices for alert, cooling and indication buzzer, fan and led are connected with Arduino through unl2003.    To drive motor from the controller board l298d motor driver ic is used. The motor driver is usually used to control the motor and drive the motor.

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Final Year Student's Project: 2019

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