Bosch Limited and NTTF Joint Certification Training Program on Industry 4.0

Future Skills are the need of the hour and reskilling is the Mantra for Industries and more so for the Professionals of today. Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) is closely connected with the Industry and has the expertise for the past 60 years of offering hands-on training, especially focussed on Emerging Technology. To offer relevant in-demand training, NTTF and Bosch Limited have created an Industry 4.0 Joint Certification and Training program that is created to bring in that vital change to the current scenario so there is transparency across all processes in real-time and have signed an MOU today. The occasion graced by Mr.Soumitra Bhattacharya, President, and Managing Director at Bosch India, Dr. Andreas Wolf  JMD, Bosch India, Reguraj MD, NTTF India, Mr. B.V.Sudharshan, Director NTTF India. Dr. Andreas Wolf observed that “the concerted objective of this training program is to provide knowledge for smart automation and Industry 4.0 in  India;  an ideal WIN-WIN program for all”.   Mr. Reguraj MD, NTTF mentioned, “NTTF has associated with Bosch for hands-on training in industry4.0 skill and take it to all industries including MSME s”.

New technologies are set to transform productivity in the next few years, a process referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. Interdisciplinary collaboration, the linking of information and manufacturing technologies, and IT know-how will become increasingly important. The idea is that by utilizing data in a thoughtful manner driven by specific business goals, businesses will be able to gain new insights into their workflows and potentially add value.

BOSCH has pioneered in Indutry4.0  and implemented it with great success at Bosch facilities. The participants of this program will gain knowledge directly from Bosch experts and also will witness at Bosch factory how Industry 4.0 is implemented effectively.

NTTF being a pioneer in the skilling space, has taken this prepared step to fulfill the gap between any normal factory and a smart factory by delivering industry insights to participants. As part of this initiative, NTTF has established a structured best in Class Industry 4.0 COE facility in its Electronic city campus, Bangalore.

This flagship program is the perfect training, structured for Industry professionals at all levels to learn about Industry 4.0 and hands-on experience for implementation in Industry. The program aims to gear up for the next wave looking to Upskill and Future Proof their Career Aspirations aiming towards optimized production output and processes being able to analyze and visualize the demands

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