NTTF Student Design Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser

NTTF, Thalassery student Amal Varun Mathew, 20, hailing from Kattangal in Kozhikode, developed an automatic sensor-triggered sanitizer dispenser that does not require touch to operate. Our world-class training helped him to bring a solution for his mother Dr Mary Joseph's difficulties faced in Rural Health Centre as a director of the center.

It is a simple project that dispenses liquid sanitizer when the hand shown in front of the sensor.
Here are few important features of it:

1. The flow of the sanitizer controlled by a small valve attached to the tip of the pipe.
2. The sensor used is IR Proximity sensor.
3. The overall cost of the project is about ₹400.
4. It is Already in used in Vigilance SP Office Kozhikode, Kerala. And Police Station.
5. The machine developed to bring a simple solution for his mother at Amala clinic, Kattangal, NIT Campus, Kozhikode. Now it will contribute to Many others.   

Here NTTF's aim to provide hands-on training with world-class knowledge delivery again proved by our student in the time of need. Creating a product like this, which will cost just Rs 400 is a contribution to the country with the prowess of NTTFs 60-year legacy to provide best faculty and training to its students.

This Device only needs a plywood box, pipe and a wire which will cost only Rs 400, and this cost includes the labour charges. What we aim to do for our society now reflected through our student's beautiful creation.

Amal is a final year student of Polytechnic in Mechatronics at Thalassery, Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) center. Now he is getting more offer from institutions, churches, and shop owners for his invention.
New life starts and a career launched with hope to bring employment for many others. Even if Amal joins any Big Company, his invention will provide hope to many other's in the years to come.

NTTF is receiving 10 new machines from Amal to help strengthen our fight against the pandemic. As Amal said, "I have never thought of manufacturing it in bulk quantity so far." And as we say knowledge from best will always bring new opportunities and hope for every single NTTF student.

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