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Final Year Student's Project: 2019

Project: Wood Carver

This MSD project is this machine that can be used for cutting engraving and making on wood acrylic and PCB objects .we are presenting here an idea of 3 axis CNC machine for wood carving based on CNC controller. See the video here:

Project: Humanoid

 Humanoid robots are now used as research tools in several scientific areas. Researchers study the human body structure and behavior (biomechanics) to build humanoid robots. On the other side, the attempt to simulate the human body leads to a better understanding of it. Human cognition is a field of study which is focused on how humans learn from sensory information in order to acquire perceptual and motor skills. This knowledge is used to develop computational models of human behavior and it has been improving over time. 
It has been suggested that very advanced robotics will facilitate the enhancement of ordinary humans. See transhumanism. 
Although the initial aim of humanoid research was to build better orthosis and prosthesis for human beings, knowledge has been transferred between both disciplines. A few examples are powered leg prosthesis for neuromuscular impaired, ankle-foot orthosis, biological realistic leg prosthesis, and forearm prosthesis. See the video here:

Projects: IOT based home automation

This MSD project is to make an IOT based home automation to monitor & control the process in which the technology in the modern world keep one improving to automation technology, we try to implement IOT technology to monitor and control the process using a control ESP 8266. See the video here:


Project: IoT Based 3D Printer

This MSD project is to make a 3D model of the product in the manufacturing industry, in which the technology in the modern world keeps on improving to an automation technology; we try to implement IoT technology to 3D printer using a controller Arduino. See the video here:


Project: Smart Helmet

  In today’s especially in the young generation, the craze to ride a bike is rapidly increasing. The middle-class families prefer to buy two-wheeler over four wheelers because of their low cost. As the number of two-wheeler on the road are increasing road mishaps are also increasing day by day. In the event of an accident lack of timely medical attention to the injured person may lead to death. Thus there is a need for a system that ensures the safety of rider by enforcing rider to wear a helmet as per government guidelines and also assist in providing the rider for medical assistance in the event of an accident. See the video here:

 Project: Plant Cutting Machine 

This MSD project is making the work of all farmers simple at the time of cutting their shrubs or small plants using the cutter by fixing it with their bikes and can cut, later after the work can just remove the cutter and drive home with the same bike.  


 Project: Borwell Revier

This MSD project is to make a semi-automatic safe bore well reviver with interfacing 8051 microcontroller, spy camera, robotic arm, dc motor and a mobile display to reduce human effort and to make the work to be done in a safe manner.

 Project AI 3D Printer

This MSD project is to make a 3D printing machine that plays a major role in the Industries as well as in the Construction areas so that this machine will help for them in an easy way to make a design whatever they want. For this, we were making a machine which low cost compared to the machines available in the market and we were increasing the speed to make more no. of molds. 









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