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Our campus placement is organised in various centres and is monitored by the HO team at NTTF Bangalore. Once a recruiting organization confirms its participation, the information will be conveyed to our final-year students who are eligible for placements through placement coordinators of different NTTF centres across India. After this, slots for the campus placement process for different centres will be selected, followed by finalising campus placement dates. Last but not least, all the details related to campus placement will be communicated to an organization so that it can plan its visit to an NTTF centre seamlessly.

Organizations are required to follow the following rules for placement process:
  1. 1. Organizations wishing to recruit Diploma/ Post Diploma/ Post Graduate/ Certificate students from the NTTF Campus will have to communicate their interest for the same, by filling the Recruiter form.
  2. 2. The following details are used to allocate the slots: Job profile being offered, compensation and perks*, geographical location and mobility, number of positions offered, etc. The procedure for allocating selection slots for prospective recruiters during the placement process will be according to the convenience of both the parties and/or accommodated on mutually convenient days. Normally, we host the Campus selections during January to April every year.
  3. 3. The Placement process will comprise of:
    1. a. Pre-Placement Talk
    2. b. Collection and handing of CVs of interested candidates to the recruiter
    3. c. Selection process by the recruiter
    4. d. Informing the final list of selected candidates for Placement by Recruiter to NTTF
  4. 4. During the pre-placement talk, the recruiter will make a presentation about the organization, the job profile, growth prospects and respond to the queries of students.
  5. 5. Organization should confirm selection of students in writing to the respective NTTF centres.
  6. 6. NTTF must receive the appointment letters within Ten days of selection process.
  7. 7. Any communication regarding the placements should be made only with the respective NTTF Placement Coordinator or Unit head/ Principal/ Placement in Charge of respective centres.

Please fill the necessary information for the same is provided below:

*As per our Management Policy the Minimum offered take home salary should be ₹17,000/ Month, for all trades of Diploma programs.

As soon as we receive the duly filled form, we will reply to your requirements.
Thank you for your kind interest with NTTF in sourcing the Skilled Manpower for your esteemed organisation.

With Best Regards,
Anand B
Vice President
Nettur Technical Training Foundation
Peenya Industrial Area, Bengaluru

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